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City of Saints Bryant Park

City of Saints, Bryant Park

Coffee is prepared and served from behind a raised central island, which is clad in translucent green fiberglass grating. The infrastructure such as espresso machines, grinders, nitro brew taps, pour over stations, drinking water taps, pastry display, and a platform elevator are seamlessly integrated into the rectangular island. The island also choreographs the movement of customers into loop, from point of sale to drink pick-up to a condiment station. This organization facilitates optimization and speed, including the workflow of the baristas and customer circulation.

The material palette of the space is based on shades of a sea-foam green color that builds on and defines City of Saints’ brand and identity. The color is realized through unconventional and industrial materials, including translucent green fiberglass grating, green quartzite countertop, green suede upholstery, and green epoxy paint. Trend forecaster WGSN has identified this shade of green, a gender-neutral color with an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns nature with science and technology, to become increasingly important in fashion and interiors in 2020 and into the next decade. The material palette also includes grey rubber floor, grey epoxy walls, mirror, and custom stainless steel handrails and hardware.

A back room is designed as a seating area with a continuous banquette on its perimeter. Its materials and indirect lighting are intended to produce a calmer, slower space. As coffee bars increasingly take on new functions, loose tables and outlets allow the room to be used as an informal working or meeting space.

Project Information

Type Retail, Interior
Location New York, NY
Status Completed, June 2018
Scale 900 SF
Consultants Plus Group Consulting Engineering (MEP)
Photography Michael Vahrenwald / Esto
Team Kutay Biberoglu, Pierre de Brun, Karolina Czeczek, and Adam Frampton


2018 Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Awards, Honorable Mention, Retail / Hospitality

Selected Press and Publications

Interior Design 11/01/2018 (online) &
November 2018 v89 n16 (print, PDF)

Metropolis 12/12/2018

Interior Design 12/18/2018

Azure Magazine 01/03/2019

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