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is a New York City-based design practice for architecture and urbanism.

Narrow House

Narrow House

After searching for six months for irregular, undervalued, slender, or residual properties in New York City, we came across a vacant lot measuring 100’ x 13’-4”. Operating somewhere between the late artist Gordon Matta-Clark and the architect-developer John Portman, we purchased this sliver of land and intend to build there. This self-initiated project will become a low-cost prototype for how to infill otherwise overlooked parts of the city.

The main problem in the design of narrow house is not shape or expression, but rather daylight and circulation. By creating a split level arrangement, we avoid corridors. Each room becomes an enlarged stair landing. The void around the stairs also becomes a daylight shaft, introducing natural light towards the middle of the plan.

Project Information

Type Residential
Location Brooklyn, NY
Status Construction Documents
Expected Completion 2020
Scale 2,400SF
Consultants Reuther+Bowen, PC (Structural Engineer)
PlusGroup Consulting Engineering PLLC
(MEP Engineer)
Dot Dash (Lighting Consultant)
Team Karolina Czeczek, Matthew Davis, Adam Frampton, Jedy Lau, Francesca Pagliaro, Jon Siani, Yue Zhang

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