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is a New York City-based design practice for architecture and urbanism.

Irregular Development

Irregular Development

New York City is known for its grid. But in fact, narrow, triangular or very small lots can be found throughout the city. These lots are produced by diagonal streets, easements, and historical conditions before the grid. The lots, due to their atypical dimensions and area, as well as current zoning regulations, remain unused. The project identifies and catalogs irregular and vacant properties throughout New York City, some of which are owned by the city. Irregular Development seeks to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of these sites through speculative housing prototypes.

Irregular lots in context

Lots organized by type: triangular, narrow, kinked, and small

Project Information

Type Research, Exhibition
Location UABB Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism \ Architecture
Shenzhen, China
Status Exhibition completed, December 2017
Research ongoing
Support Supported by Columbia University GSAPP
Team Kutay Biberoglu, Karolina Czeczek, Pierre de Brun, Adam Frampton, Joseph Parrella, Yi Sun

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