Only If—

is a New York City-based design practice for architecture and urbanism.

Artist’s Loft

Artist’s Loft

Services and wet areas are consolidated into the “monument,” a two-story, aluminum-clad volume. Its aluminum finish distinguishes it as a separate and legible entity, yet it also picks up and refracts surrounding colors. “Grottoes” are excavated from the monument to function showers, tubs, and storage. he monument also organizes the remaining living spaces in the loft.

Project Information

Type Residential, Interior
Location New York, NY
Status Completed, August 2015
Scale 2,500SF
Consultants Daniel Urrutia, PE (Structural Engineer)
PlusGroup Consulting Engineering PLLC (MEP Engineer)
Dot Dash (Lighting Consultant)
Team Matthew Davis, Adam Frampton, Jon Siani

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