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is a New York City-based design practice for architecture and urbanism.


Liuxiandong Masterplan

For a new masterplan of 1,000,000 m2 in Shenzhen, four different phases are planned. Within this overall given condition, the design assumes and accentuates the differences between each quadrant, which will be developed independently. At the same time, a loop—linking all four parts—concentrates amenities for workers, residents, and visitors. The loop creates cohesiveness and frames the public realm in a 128m square central plaza.

Liuxiandong Conference Center

The conference center is a 53m diameter cylinder plugged into the loop. It contains a variety of different halls for banquets, lectures, conference, and meetings on two different levels. The individual halls pack around central boxes that are designated as foyers and lounges, and encourage a mixing of users. Gaps between the informal packing of boxes allow light to percolate through to the main auditorium below.

This main auditorium, seating approximately 2,000, is created by a depression of the plaza. Its circular configuration creates a cohesive and interactive relationship amongst its the audience. A cyclorama curtain can close off the space for control of daylight as needed.

Project Information

Type Masterplan, Conference Center
Location Shenzhen, China
Status Competition, 2nd Phase, 2013
Scale 1,000,000 m2 (Built area, masterplan)
7,000 m2 (Conference center)
Collaboration Ingameoffice Shenzhen
CCDI (Local Design Institute)
Team Adam Frampton, Hugh Magee, Ryan Peeters, Jon Siani

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